​When shopping for a Mala or other crystal jewellery, it’s helpful to know about their energy.


But the other factor to consider is what colours or vibrations are you attracted to?

Crystals have always been used medicinally to restore balance to the auric field and the physical body. Many ages ago we were aware of vibratory frequencies and able to heal ourselves. As the times changed, we became less attuned to our healing frequencies. Talismans which combined the energies of crystals; form and numerical frequencies were used to connect us to those subtle energies.

Healing Crystals

Yogi Bhajan talked of the four healing stones: Lapis, Coral, Turquoise and Carnelian.

Lapis – takes away sickness, very powerful projective stone

Coral – balances positive and negative forces

Turquoise – pulls out impurities

Carnelian – purifies blood, projection


“There is a difference between these four stones... These four stones on your body will die organically to let you live. It's true” - Yogi Bhajan

Crystals and Numerology

Using the technology Yogi Bhajan shared about the 10-Bodies,  below is the correlation of them with the properties of the crystals.

  1. Soul Body -  Create | Amethyst

  2. Negative Body -  Connection | Ruby, Garnet

  3. Positive Mind - Hope | Citrine, Yellow Topaz

  4. Neutral Mind - Service | Emerald, Peridot, Green Agate

  5. Physical -  Balance | Aquamarine, Amazonite

  6. Arcline - Focus | Lapis, Turquoise

  7. Aura -  Uplift | Pink or Red Tourmaline

  8. Pranic Body - Fearlessness | Topaz

  9. Subtle Body -  Mastery | Sapphire, Opal

  10. Radiant Body -  Radiance | Diamond; Herkimer diamond, clear Quartz

In order to strengthen your connection with your soul, you would add together the numbers of the day of birth. i.e. If you are born on the 20th, your soul number is 2. The negative body would use Rubies to intensify and amplify itself.


To understand your path, you will need to add all the numbers of your date of birth.  I.e. if you are born on 20 June 1990 the path number is 5 (2+0+6+1+9+9+0=27=2+7=9). 9 is mastery or mystery. The inner reflectiveness required by mastery is enhanced by using either sapphire or opal.

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